Green light for new Neurological Injury Centre

The Green light has been given for a new nuerological injury centre to be opened in Ipswich. The centre which will be called The Stephen Hawking Neuro Centre.

Ispwich Borough Council have received plans from Headway Suffolk, who will be building the centre.

The plan to develop the old airfield near Ravenswood are highly welcomed as many patients must travel hundreds of miles to recieve Nuerological Care after an Injury. The centre will also include a 24 bed residential accomodation as well as a day care centre for brain injury patients.

Helen Fairweather, chief executive of Headway Suffolk, told the Ipswich Borough Council Planning committee: “There is no other facility like this in the eastern region and at the moment our clients have to go far afield – as far as Hull – for appropriate provision.”

After permission had been approved, she added: “It’s absolutely fantastic. I think it’s really good for the town of Ipswich and for Suffolk, particularly for people with a neurological condition. A neurological condition can happen to any of us at any time so it’s really good for everyone in the area.”

The headway building will house 24 rooms for patients who have suffered brain injuries. Picture: KLH ARCHITECTS Picture: KLH ARCHITECTS


3rd July 2019