Education, Health and Care Plan Masterclass – Taunton 28th March 2019

Education, Health, Care Plan Masterclass
Is your client currently in or about to start their education?
Do you need assistance or a better understanding of how to complete the application and paperwork?
Circle’s training day will bring a multi-agency prospective, brought to you in a one day practical, interactive environment.
We will bring together various elements of EHCP, including cognitive learning, communication, timelines and funding, from both a personal and professional view.
The event will help you to develop a deeper understanding and the ability to identify educational, health and social needs whilst setting out the additional support to meet those needs.
Our day will host an array of guest speakers to cover each topic within EHCP.
Tickets are limited to ensure an interactive day, lunch and parking will be included.

To book please visit:

6th December 2018