Adult with Acquired Brain Injury

Circle were instructed to work with an adult who had sustained a severe brain injury and was resident in a rehabilitation centre. At the time of instruction, the client could only retain a few seconds worth of information, he was unable to walk or speak and was asleep most of the time.

Over a prolonged period of intervention our case manager worked tirelessly with the statutory services and the client’s next of kin, to facilitate discharge to a suitable setting from where he received further rehabilitation. Subsequently, he was discharged home with a full package of 24/7 support.

The case manager then set about forming an extensive MDT including, Physio, OT, SALT, Music Therapy and Psychology, plus a full team of directly employed support workers. This client some years later is now living in his own home, with support, he has returned to his passion of buying and selling antiques, playing his drums and living in the countryside with his dogs.

21st September 2018